Photo365: August 6, 2009

I envy my cousin Paula. Her two cats — named Louis and Ella, after Louis Armstrong and Ella Fitzgerald — pose beautifully for pictures (or at least she manages to get them to stop long enough to GET pictures). Me…? I have one cat — Ciara — who never, ever stops moving unless she’s on my lap, which is not exactly the best place for me to get a picture of them. And the other one, Clancy… well, whenever I pick up the camera, he’s just plain NOSY!

Nosy kitty

Nosy kitty

One Response to “Photo365: August 6, 2009”

  1. Paula Williams says:

    Aww… Louis does that sometimes! Especially with the P&S – he’s GOT to play with the camera strap!

    Donna’s kitties are more sedentary than mine. But mine do pose well. Some of the time anyway.