Planning: What’s in a name?

So I get the information on flights that my niece is arranging for the South Africa trip and… sigh… she’s got my name wrong on one flight reservation.

Now it is true that her father is my brother. It is also true that my birth name is the same as his (and her) last name. The problem is that my last name NOW isn’t the same as it was when I was born. (Sigh… this business of married names is really a pain… why couldn’t I at least have hyphenated my last name using both maiden and married names???)

Now a rose by any other name might smell as sweet, but airlines get real downright sticky about that sort of thing. Fortunately, this is a flight entirely within the country of South Africa, and South African Airways assures me that if I can provide proof that the person getting on the plane is the same person for whom the reservation was made, it’ll be okay. So… let’s see how long it takes me to get a certified copy of my marriage certificate…

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