Where are you, Michael J. Robertson?

Where is Michael J. Robertson, son of Ray Chester and Mary Buie Robertson? I can’t find him, and I want to!

When my cousins Paula and Bobbi and I got started with this genealogical research some months ago, we went onto the message boards on both Ancestry.com and Genealogy.com to look for information and to ask for help in our research. And on one of the boards we found a message posted in April 2001 from Michael Robertson looking for information about his father’s family.

I’d love to be able to help him, and to share information with him, because Michael’s father Ray was my grandmother’s brother. But when we tried to email him, it turned out he had one of those @home addresses that disappeared when the @Home network did. We tried the attbi replacement many @home customers had but that didn’t work.

So where are you, cousin Michael? I sure wish you’d get in touch…

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