Cousin Judy!

And we’ve found another Judy in the Cottrell family! I’m so excited! I had a long telephone call this morning from my second cousin, Judy Pilcher, daughter of Ruby Hodges Straughn and granddaughter of Theo Cottrell Hodges. (And I apologize in advance if I have her father’s name wrong!) Theo (called Aunt Tedd) and my grandfather Clay Rex Cottrell were sister and brother. Judy has much of the family history from her mother and
grandmother and has already started to send photos and other information along. Since my grandfather Clay was the youngest, he didn’t have the same exposure to the history as his older sisters did, and finding Judy and her information is like finding treasure. And she was so surprised and delighted to find she had so many cousins! All the other Cottrell children had one child or two, three at the most. And then along come my
grandparents with their 12 children, raising 10 to adulthood.

We’re so glad to have found you, Judy. Welcome “back”!

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