Regiments of Robertsons!

Not even a month ago I was frustrated and disheartened at the idea that we would never find Michael Robertson, my mother’s cousin (his father Ray was my grandmother Opal’s brother). He had posted a message on a genealogy message board some time ago, but by the time we saw it, his email address wasn’t good any more and we didn’t know where he or his family might live.

My cousin Paula and I had done everything we could think of — checked the Internet for old school information, sent letters out to people we thought might have been cousins of his on his mother’s side, posted messages on the various genealogy boards.

And today I’m sitting here grinning from ear to ear! I have messages in my email in-box from both Michael and his brother Phillip and I know that their brother Bobby Joe and sister Susan are alive and kicking as well. There are at least seven Robertson children scattered among them (I’m not sure I was always following who was the parent of whom, I was grinning too much!) and two of them are boys to carry on the Robertson name (hello Brian! hello Nathan!). (Don’t get me wrong, Michelle, Mary Elizabeth, Noelle, Dory, Lauren — it’s not that we ladies aren’t worth our weight in gold as the glue that holds any family together — it’s just that the boys have to be good for SOMETHING!) (Uh… they won’t read this, will they…?)

And if that weren’t enough, we’ve also just recently made contact with yet another Robertson descendant — Mary, daughter of Birt Ray, son of Albert Byrd, son of Bird Alexander (brother of my great grandfather Jasper Carlton Robertson).

What fun this all is! Robertsons galore!

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