Anticipation: Less than two weeks to go…

I managed to distract myself nicely from going completely bananas over this trip by escaping to the National Genealogy Society conference in St. Louis for five days. Getting down into the details of finding German Church records from Thuringen from the 16th century sure took my mind off the details of going to Africa in the 21st century!

I still have this nagging fear that I’m going to forget something. I’ve made a list, I’ve checked it twice, I’ve put backups on backups in the list, and I’m still convinced that something critical is not going to be there when I need it.

Oh well… let’s see here:

Camera: check.
Lenses: check.
Batteries for camera: check.
Charger for camera batteries: check.
Device to charge the charger for camera batteries: check.
Passport, medicines, tickets: check.

I think everything else will take care of itself…

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