Planning: Zimbabwe or Zambia

The Victoria Falls is definitely on the “I wanna do it” list for this trip. One of the seven wonders of the natural world, it’s right on the border of Zambia and Zimbabwe. Now, everyone says that the view from the Zimbabwean side is spectacular. The falls themselves, I believe, are entirely in Zambia, but you can see them so much better from Zimbabwe.

Zimbabwe. Formerly Rhodesia. Now and for the last however many years the home of Robert Mugabe. The same Robert Mugabe who is now embroiled in a major political brouhaha that could very well spill over into major violence. That’s just not exactly what I have in mind for a safari trip ending at Victoria Falls. I mean, there are different meanings to the word “ending” and I’d rather not have any terminal incidents…

So… I’m hedging our bets. For the moment, we’ll leave our accommodations reservation on the Zimbabwean side. But I’m booking the flight back to Johannesburg, where we’ll fly home from, out of Livingstone, Zambia. That way, even if all #$%^@$# breaks loose in Zimbabwe, we should still have a fighting chance of making it back to Johannesburg and on to home from there, on time.

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