Photo365: August 25, 2009

Long day today with lots of things that had to be done and nowhere near enough time to do them. Got my car brakes repaired and ended up with a loaner where first I couldn’t find the parking brake release (reason: there isn’t one; you have to put your right foot on the regular brake and left foot on the parking brake and press both until the parking brake releases!) and then couldn’t find the gas cap release (and the gas station attendant couldn’t find it either! turns out you have to push on a particular PART of the gas cap… geez…), so when it came time to get a photo of the day, well, I was stumped for a while. Then my eyes fell on a small glass bottle that had turned on its side on the cabinet, and it struck me that, well…

The genie escaped!!!

The genie escaped!!!

2 Responses to “Photo365: August 25, 2009”

  1. Bill says:

    “you have to push on a particular PART of the gas cap…”

    EUREKA! Retribution! It does so happen that there’s not a button, or a latch, or a lever, or a knob that opens the gas cap…

    Sometimes it’s just kinda hiding there…

  2. jgr says:

    Yeah, but all you had to do with MY gas cap cover was pull it open. You didn’t even TRY that!!